Oscar winner Kathy Bates was surprised when she picked up an Academy Award for her chilling portrayal of an obsessed fan in Misery - because she thought her performance was over the top.
The actress terrified film fans as sadistic Annie Wilkes in the 1990 film, which earned her the Best Actress prize, but when she first saw the Stephen King adaptation she feared cinemagoers would be completely turned off by the character.
Bates says, "The first time I saw it I felt that the performance was so out there and so no holds barred that I was really kinda nervous about how it would be accepted, so I was really surprised when I won that year because the competition was really, really stiff - Meryl (Streep) was nominated, Anjelica Huston, Joanne Woodward and Julia Roberts for Pretty Woman.
"I really thought that when I won I should have worn a mask and carried a gun because it just felt so unreal to win... But my mother said that I should have won an Oscar because I wasn't acting. Mothers!"