MISERY star Kathy Bates received a harsh reminder of how fleeting fame can be, when she found herself cleaning up dog excrement with her own autographed paper. The actress had just won her Best Actress Oscar and was shooting a movie with Alec Baldwin in Chicago, Illinois, when she was mobbed by film fans. But her first moment as a star was short-lived. She explains, "All the kids from the neighbourhood were all there and they all knew who Alec was and then I realised they all knew who I was too, and they all wanted our autographs. "Later on that night... I went to take my little dog out for a walk and they were like, 'Oh, Ms Bates, you can't go by yourself, you have to take a bodyguard with you.' I thought, 'Woah, man, this is really awesome.' "So the bodyguard went with me and I walked my little dog and he did his business and I realised I didn't have anything to clean up with, so I was looking around and I saw this piece of paper on the ground and I picked it up and it had my autograph on it. "It was kinda cool. It was like God was saying, 'Just take it easy... This isn't the big deal you think it's going to be.'"