MISERY star Kathy Bates and her latest co-star TERRY BRADSHAW had such sizzling chemistry onscreen, people began to mistake them for a couple in real-life. The Oscar-winning actress has worked with legendary performers such as Jack Nicholson and James Caan, but was shocked when she found she had great chemistry with Bradshaw, who had never acted before. She explains, "I just did this film called FAILURE TO LAUNCH with Terry Bradshaw. "Robert Duvall was cast in the part and then had to go do a mini-series. "They called me and they said, 'We're going to have Terry Bradshaw play your husband' and my manager was like 'Huh?' " I was like, 'Yeah! Terry Bradshaw that was the (football) quarterback?' "I was thrilled and for some weird reason we had this amazing chemistry from the very beginning. "I got messages to Terry from the concierge's desk under my door during the (press) junket. "I said, 'Listen, you guys think we like each other really well and we do, but this isn't his room. I don't know where his room is.' "But I loved the chemistry!"