Kathleen Turner is preparing to dump Hollywood in favour of Europe, because she hates America's ageist attitudes and fascination with teen icons.

The 51-year-old star is disgusted by the rise of young stars like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and wants to move to Rome, Italy, and enjoy the same European success as veteran stars Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren.

She says, "Once my daughter Rachel (18) starts university, I'm going to Europe because I think women of my experience and my body of work are so much more respected there.

"Look at Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren, I could go on. They're all working.

"I find the idea of today's icons all being teenagers, incredibly uninspiring.

"I think the Europeans have enough tradition and respect for the experience and body of work of an actress that they don't sell out to the new ones.

"Some European directors have already been in touch."