Actress Kathleen Turner knew it was time to seek treatment for her alcohol abuse issues after she passed out drunk onstage during a Broadway show. The 53-year-old star was appearing in The Graduate in 2002 when she realised once and for all she had a drink problem. Turner admits she first started drinking heavily to combat pain brought on by chronic joint inflammation disease rheumatoid arthritis - the symptoms of which she first started suffering in 1992. But, after embarrassing herself in front of The Graduate cast, Turner, who is now sober, vowed to join Alcoholics Anonymous as soon as the play ended. In her new autobiography Send Yourself Roses, Turner writes: "One night in 2002, when I was in rehearsal for The Graduate in New York, I met my director, Terry Johnson, at Orso, a restaurant. I left some presents I had just bought in the cloakroom and downed a vodka. "Terry and I went to the theatre. At intermission I told myself I would just gather my presents from Orso and go home. But I had another vodka. Then another. How many, I don't remember. "I went downstairs and collapsed in the bathroom. Someone told the manager, 'There's a woman in the bathroom, sitting on the floor.' "This wasn't the first time I'd been drinking until I passed out. But it was the worst and most public. "The next day... I said to the cast, 'I'm having a drinking problem. I have these pills. If I drink, they will make me desperately ill. So I want you to know, I will not be a problem again.' "It was one of the most painful things I ever had to do because I am so self-contained about personal problems. I felt as though I had failed."