ROMANCING THE STONE actress Kathleen Turner has slammed Hollywood for favouring body image over talent.

The 50-year-old claims physical appearance is now more important than the ability to act.

She says, "When I arrived in Hollywood I understood the power of being a slim, attractive actress.

"Yet the industry was still concerned with talent then. How you interpreted a character was more important than how much you weighed.

"Today, body image comes before everything, including talent. In Hollywood, it's a common sight to see men and women rushing off to the bathroom straight after dinner."

And Turner, who stripped off onstage daily three years ago when she starred as MRS ROBINSON in a London production of The Graduate, prefers the attitude towards body shape in Britain.

She says, "Something I find very comforting about the British film industry is I love the fact that most well-respected English actresses are not a size eight."

01/11/2004 13:42