NICHOLAS CAGE is suing Kathleen Turner over allegations made against him in the actress's autobiography.

A spokesperson for the actor confirmed that libel proceedings have been issued against his former co-star at the High Court in London.

In SEND YOURSELF ROSES, Turner alleges that Cage caused problems during the filming of Francis Ford Coppola's PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED in a bid to prove he had won the role on his own merit rather than because his uncle was the director.

She also claims that the actor was arrested for drink driving and had stolen a Chihuahua.

The autobiography will be released in the US and UK later this week.

Cage has previously refuted the claims, telling the New York Post Gossip column PageSix that the credibility of Turner's biography and memory is at stake.

"Fact credibility should have been exercised on (her) part," he continued.

Meanwhile, Nicholas, who can currently be seen in NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS, recently admitted that he has "grown tired" of acting.

Speaking to, the Captain CORELLI'S MANDOLIN star also expressed frustration at the lack of control he is able to exercise over his film projects.

12/02/2008 14:21:20