Kathleen Turner told her ex-husband ''30 years ago'' about Harvey Weinstein.

The 63-year-old actress was married to Jay Weiss from 1984 to 2007 until they separated but last year, when the news broke that the movie mogul had allegedly sexually assaulted numerous women in Hollywood, Kathleen was not shocked by the news but found it ''creepy''.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Turner said: ''You know when it's creepy. I got an email from my ex-husband when the whole Weinstein thing started. He said, 'You told me 25 years ago he was a creep!' I said, 'I told you 30 years ago!' But by the time I met Harvey I was well established and he tended to prey on younger, less secure women and that wasn't me.''

Turner shot to fame in the drama/thriller 'Body Heat' which followed her character Matty Walker having an affair a lawyer despite being married.

But despite the film being her big break, Turner never wanted to move to Los Angeles because she knew it was a ''very hostile environment towards women''.

She said: ''I never moved to LA. People understand it better now with all the revelations coming out but it was a very hostile environment towards women. The way they treated women, the disrespect, the sense that you were just a prop.''

Turner has been watching with interest the allegations being made against disgraced movie mogul but recently she insisted she never suffered any mistreatment at his or any other Hollywood man's hands because she simply wouldn't have stood for it.

She said: ''I don't remember anyone physically trying to handle me, if they did I probably laughed, 'Are you kidding me?'

''(Weinstein) would never have tackled me; he would have been terrified. I'd have killed him.''