Kathleen Turner, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone and Annette Bening should remain forever grateful to Michael Douglas, because he guaranteed them career-best performances whenever they shared the big screen. Douglas co-starred opposite Close in Fatal Attraction, Stone in Basic Instinct, Bening in The American President and Turner in ROMANCING THE STONE, THE JEWEL OF THE NILE and THE WAR OF THE ROSES. The Oscar-winner claims his presence in the movies brought out the best in the actresses. Douglas says, "Just about every actress I have worked with has done her best work with me. "Kathleen Turner, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Annette Bening - all of them had their best pictures when they were working with me. "They know I'm looking out for them. "As far as the sex scenes are concerned, there are rehearsals. I tell them where I am going to put my hands."