Kirsty Alley has slammed victims of sexual harassment for not ''confronting'' their accusers.

The 66-year-old actress hit out at ''bulls**t'' scenarios which have seen high-profile Hollywood figures disgraced over anonymous accusations of sexual misconduct and claimed not speaking out publicly is damaging to the ''real victims'' of abuse.

She tweeted: ''What the hell is happening? We now live in a country where people lose their jobs when accused of something without proof or trial or in some cases w anonymous accusers? can't confront your accuser? That is bulls**t. And IT HURTS THE REAL VICTIMS of abuse. AND innocent people.(sic)''

Though the 'Cheers' star's comments came after 'Today' host Matt Lauer was fired by NBC following a ''detailed complaint by a colleague about inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace'', she later insisted that she wasn't referring to that specific incident.

She posted: ''I may be mistaken (I'm not) I don't believe I've ever mentioned Matt L. in ANY tweet EVER.. another example of MISDUPLICATION run a muck (sic)''

But after receiving a backlash from her followers, Kirsty later returned to Twitter to urge people to embrace the ''goodness'' in the world.

She wrote: ''Ok on another note..there is SO much GOOD IN THIS WORD ..And I just hope all this chaos doest occlude the GOODNESS around us,'' she added. ''Take injustice against the bad and REVEL IN THE GOOD.(sic)''

Lauer hasn't yet commented on the allegations against him, but his former 'Today' co-stars have spoken out and discussed the ''sins'' which people commit.

Kathie Lee Gifford said: ''No person is perfect in this world. Nobody is.

''We've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, is what scripture says.. And what we need now is forgiveness and we need mercy for one another.''

And Hoda Kotb said on her SiriusXM show: ''I think, in life, people commit sins. We all do. You do. I have, and will again. And I guess the question is: Are some sins forgivable and when does that start? I don't know the details, so I can't even speak to any of it other than the tiny bits that we do know.''