Kathie Lee Gifford has become a serious contender for conducting the world's most cringiest interview, after asking comedy actor Martin Short on the 'Today Show' how his wife was holding up. Of course, Nancy Dolman died of cancer in 2010, though ever the professional, Martin managed to answer the questions without humiliating Gifford live on air.
Gifford had jokingly asked Short why he was still in love with his wife - after being together for 36 years - and the actor replied, "Because I'm cute". The host was made aware of Dolman's death in the commercial break, and apologized to the late star's family and friends for the error. So was it the most awkward interview ever conducted? Well, E! Online have kindly provided a host of other contenders, starting with the hapless Steve Jones' interview with Megan Fox for Entertainment Tonight. Following rumors of her pregnancy, Jones asked "Do you know the ultimate gadget that every man wants?", before adding, "A baby". Fox stared blankly at the Welsh presenter, before responding "A baby? Oh I know where you're going with this". The awkwardness was palpable as Fox' publicist put the stoppers on the interview. And who could forget Kanye West's infamous Today Show interview with Matt Lauer? The host had played footage of West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Vma's, with the rapper complaining, "I didn't need you guys to show me the tape to prompt my emotions".
However, the king of awkward interviews leads us to Meg Ryan's infamous chat with British host Michael Parkinson in October 2003, when the actress was promoting her movie 'In the Cut'. Ryan gave a few one word answers, which set the tone for a bizarre interview which concluded with Parkinson asking the actress what she would do in his position. Ryan replied "Just wrap it up".