A stricken Katherine Jenkins suffered a freak injury during her recent run out on Dancing With The Stars, as the Welsh opera singer was forced to bring her salsa to a halt when an agonising pain shot down her spine. Immediately after her professional dance partner Mark Ballas hugged and reassured the emotional star, in what could prove to be her last performance on the show.
Wearing an Indian-inspired green outfit with golden tassels, the singer initially got off to a good start, however this all changed once her injury kicked in. This is not the first injury suffered by the singer - earlier this month the blonde bombshell suffered a concussion when her dance partner Mark's knee slammed into her head in rehearsals.
According to a report first published in the Sun newspaper, Jenkins bemoaned her injury, saying: "I just felt my back go as I bent back. I'm so sorry if I've let you down, Mark." The Welsh beauty then took to Twitter during a consultation with doctors, stating: 'thank you for all your concerned tweets... I'm with the doctor, he says it was a reflectorical spasm in my lower back." So far this is the only word we have on the condition, as neither Katherine or the show's producers and the network have made an official statement on the incident. Despite the initial shock and pain felt by Miss Jenkins it looks as though she will make a fully functioning recovery in the near future.