Katherine Jenkins didn't spend Valentine's Day (14.02.15) with her new husband.

The 34-year-old singer and her beau Andrew Levitas, whom she married in September 2014, were forced to spend the romantic day of the year apart due to their conflicting work schedules, which meant he was in Los Angeles and she was on tour in the UK.

Speaking during her appearance on ITV lunchtime show 'Loose Women' in the UK this morning (16.02.15), the Welsh beauty shared: ''We did our first Valentine's Day [as a couple] apart.''

However, the stunning star was able to see her man over the weekend but she had to rely on video messaging services, Skype and FaceTime, from her mobile phone.

She added: ''Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime.''

Meanwhile, the loved-up pair, who first started dating 13 months ago, are planning to set up a permanent home in the UK but the US film director is still trying to get used to the British lifestyle.

Katherine explained: ''The plan is to live here - he's still trying to get used to British customs and cultures.He's a New Yorker born and bread - of course we have an apartment there where he grew up. We're enjoying a bit of both really.''

The pair are also hoping to start a family within the next five years but she admitted their globe-trotting careers make it difficult.

When discussing how her management recently tried to book something in her diary for 2020, show presenter Gloria Hunniford suggested she might have children.

The singer-songwriter replied: ''I hope so - that would be nice.''