Katherine Jackson's nephew has denied accusations he has been abusing her.

The 86-year-old matriarch - the mother of the late Michael Jackson and his famous siblings including Janet, Jermaine and La Toya Jackson - recently obtained a restraining order against ''abusive con-man'' Trent Lamar Jackson but he insists that he has done nothing wrong.

Trent, 52, says he has not been served with a restraining order and is still living in Katherine's Calabasas, California, home. He added that he has not heard from the matriarch since she left for London to visit her daughter Janet, who recently welcomed a baby boy Eissa.

Speaking on the 'Crime Stories With Nancy Grace' podcast, he said: ''My aunt left me paying the bills and taking care of the household when she got over there.

''We haven't heard from her since she left. And it seems to me that someone is over there putting all these things together, going after me so they can control my aunt, I guess. I don't know.

''That TRO that they claim I've been served with, I've never been served with anything. I'm still at the house right now, and we're all puzzled at why we can't contact her and talk to her - that's the problem.

''She has attorneys that make sure her money is being advocated in the right way, and we also have an accountant that also looks at the bank statement, and it's gonna be strange when you look at those bank statements, you're gonna really see who's manipulating her with her money, and it's not me ... I just can't understand why they're making these accusations.

''They are keeping her totally in the dark. One thing they don't understand is that she needs special care. My aunt has polio and she limps and needs strong medication .... She can't defend herself when she's around them. She didn't want to go [to London].

''I had to contact the doctor to get the release for her to even be able to fly, so I wasn't trying to keep her from family.''

Trent - who is related to Katherine through her husband Joe - also claimed her late son Michael asked him to care for Katherine.

He said: ''All I do is pay Mrs. Jackson's bills. I've been paying her bills for 15 years now, and that was my job -- to be her driver, her provider, far as taking care of her, making sure she's taking her medicine, making sure she's going to the doctor. These are the things Michael told me to do for her, and I've been doing these things for her - very well, by the way - and people who know me, know that this is the second time this has happened. They did this to me before.

''If some family members are still unhappy with the situation Michael made, and they feel like if they could control their mom the way that they want it ... I would like to know what is it they're trying to do. If there was a case and they had something against me, it would seem by now I would be put in jail, or at least arrested or something like that.''