Katherine Jackson's grandson has been asked to weigh in on her elder abuse row with her nephew.

The 86-year-old matriarch - who is the mother of the late Michael Jackson - was granted a temporary restraining order against Trent Jackson last month after accusing him of abusing her and taking her money, but her family member reportedly has a plan to cast doubt on other members of the famous family.

According to TMZ, Trent and his lawyer, Ron Rale, want him to sit down with TJ Jackson - whose loyalty hasn't ever been challenged by other family members - for a discussion and let him decide if he has done anything wrong. He also wants the former 3T singer to meet with his grandmother and then make a decision about the dispute.

If TJ - who is the son of Katherine's son Tito - believes Trent has harmed his grandmother, then he is willing to leave for good.

However, sources explained Trent believes TJ will find he has done nothing wrong and agree with him that other family members are trying to get him out of the way in order to get easier access to Katherine's money.

Trent and his lawyer are said to be particularly suspicious of other relatives following an incident in 2012 when he and Michael's children, Prince, Paris and Bigi, reported Katherine missing, only to discover she had been taken to Arizona by some of her children.

They felt the incident was a kidnapping, with family members trying to brainwash her into challenging Michael's Estate.

At present, the Estate pays Katherine - the legal guardian of Michael's children since his death in June 2009 - a monthly stipend and when she dies, the balance of his fortune will go to his kids and various charities.

In his will, the 'Thriller' hitmaker didn't include his father Joe Jackson or his siblings.

In February, Katherine was granted a temporary restraining order against Trent after alleging he had abused her and that he had neglected her health.

She also said in her filing to the court: ''I believe he has put cameras and bugs in my home, so the only place I can try and have a private conversation is in my bathroom...

''I used to be very social with my friends, like playing Scrabble, walking around in the park, sharing meals, but Trent has given them various reasons why I am not available.''

Trent, 52, has been living in the guest house of Katherine's Calabasas, California, home after previously serving as her personal driver for a number of years.

However, their relationship has soured in recent times, with Katherine accusing him of bullying her and monitoring her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Trent - who is the son of Joe Jackson's half-brother - has tried to have the temporary restraining order lifted, with his lawyer insisting he is not a threat to Katherine.

But the judge denied his request on Wednesday (01.03.17) and ordered another court hearing on March 23.