KNOCKED UP star Katherine Heigl was an emotional wreck at actress Kate Walsh's wedding this summer (07) and only hopes she can hold herself together when she walks down the aisle at the weekend (23Dec07). The actress, who will wed singer Josh Kelley on Sunday, was not prepared for her fit of tears when her former Grey's Anatomy castmate got married, and had to share someone else's tissue. She recalls, "I was so not going to cry through it, it didn't even come into my brain. I had nothing on me, no tissues or anything. "I was looking at people with their tissues, and I was like, 'That's so lame, it's not that dramatic,' and, as soon as the music, started, I started crying. "Kate hadn't even walked out yet and I was crying! I was actually sharing a quarter of a tissue with Keyshia Chambers, (Grey's Anatomy co-star) Justin's wife, trying to stop the flow. "So obviously, I am a little more sentimental than I originally thought. And I do love a great wedding. That was absolutely awesome and fun wedding, with a gospel choir and everything."