Katherine Heigl wants "three to four children".

The 'New Year's Eve' actress - who raises three-year-old adopted daughter Naleigh with husband Josh Kelley - admitted she used to want a huge brood of six kids, but she has since decided to cut back on her dreams of an ideal family.

Speaking on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', she said: "I used to want like six kids. Now we're thinking maybe like three to four kids. That would be my ideal. That's still a lot, isn't it?"

The 33-year-old star has previously explained she was "surprised" to discover her husband is such a "great dad", as she wasn't prepared for how well the musician would cope with being responsible for someone else.

Katherine said: "He's a great dad. I didn't expect it.

"He's such a guy. I adore him, I can't imagine being with another man, but he can be very self-absorbed. Not in an egomaniacal way, just kind of in his own head and unfocused on anything other than his own stuff. So I was really surprised by how on top of it and how connected he is."