Katherine Heigl, the 31-year-old actress and star of hit comedy 'Knocked Up', was visited by the police at her home on Monday (11th October 2010) after a neighbourhood war erupted, reports TMZ.com
Last night, cops descended on the Los Angeles home of Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley after reports that they were making excessive noise. The couple were reportedly relaxing in their hot tub when a neighbour began screaming obscenities and abuse at them from over a nearby fence, complaining that they were making too much noise. The couple then had their security guard call the police, who arrived at the scene just after 10pm. The authorities looked around the Hollywood couple's home and spoke with the pair, before determining that no crime had been committed.
Heigl has been busy promoting her new comedy 'Life As We Know It', which has enjoyed box-office success since its US release on 8th October 2010. Also starring Josh Duhamel, the film tells the story of two single adults who become carers to an orphaned girl after their mutual best friends die. The actress spoke to Access Hollywood about the movie, saying, "I'm really proud of this movie. It's probably my favourite film I've done to date. It's just the perfect combination of romance and comedy and heart".