Katherine Heigl is using an 'electronic cigarette' after quitting smoking.
Katherine Heigl, the American actress and star of 'Knocked Up', has been using an 'electronic cigarette' for the past nine months after giving up smoking, reports the UK's Daily Mail.The actress discussed the smoking aid when she made an appearance on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' last September and she was photographed using the device at a Los Angeles restaurant last week. Describing her efforts to give up the habit, Heigl said, "You start once a week, maybe with a cocktail with friends at a bar, and then you buy your first pack during a really stressful break-up, and then it's downhill from there. I've tried everything. I've tried the patch, I've tried the gum, I've done Chantix, twice, which made me bananas". However, the 'electronic cigarette', which uses water vapour and liquid nicotine, is reportedly working well for the actress. It is legal to use the device indoors as the vapour being breathed out by the user is harmless to others.
Katherine Heigl is now back in Los Angeles after completing work on her forthcoming romantic-comedy 'New Year's Eve' in New York. The actress joined the cast as a last-minute replacement for Halle Berry, who pulled out of the project to concentrate on her custody battle with GABRIEL AUBRY.