Katherine Heigl loves leading a country life.

'The Ugly Truth' actress left Los Angeles and relocated to rural Utah with her husband Josh Kelley and their two adoptive daughters, Naleigh, four, and Adalaide Marie Hope, 13 months, and has been embracing a less glamorous lifestyle ever since.

She explained: ''Our house is in the mountains where I can enjoy being a mother and wife. Our dogs love roaming - every time I try to leave they bark and jump on me!

''Everything is much easier. I'm happy arranging barbecues with neighbours and drinking homemade beer. Its not glamorous but its good.''

The 34-year-old blonde also offered her advice on how to keep a marriage going with two young kids in the mix, saying you need to make the most of time alone.

Katherine told LOOK magazine: ''You need to spend time together in the evenings when the children are asleep ... enjoy a drink and feel romantic!''

The star claims her new lifestyle is part of a mission to give her children the best possible upbringing, and she also gave up smoking for the sake of Naleigh's health and hasn't look bad since.

She said: ''I wanted to quit when Naleigh came into our life. I swore there was no way I was going to smoke with a baby in the house. It's the one massive vice I've had in my life.''