Katherine Heigl says she is a ''neurotic actor''.

The '27 Dresses' star - who recently rejected claims she can be ''difficult'' to work with - has admitted she can get ''frustrated'' but that she has matured with age.

Asked about getting older, the 35-year-old actress told E! News: ''I feel more of a sense of peace. I definitely get...I'm a neurotic actor, I'm not gonna lie.

''I'm absolutely a neurotic actor and we all kind of are, but I'm less atwitter and I'm less defensive and I'm less afraid of what everybody thinks of me.

''I get my feelings hurt, and I certainly get frustrated because I want to prove I'm something, or prove to people that I'm more than they think, but I don't get quite as aflutter about it as I did in my youth.''

Katherine - who is married to singer Josh Kelly - admitted she has her priorities set now, and knows ''whose opinion really matters''.

She added: ''I have a deeper understanding of what really matters, and who really matters. Whose opinion really matters.

''And I'll just look at my husband sometimes and I'll go, 'You know what, I'm doing alright.

''Because if I were this big of an a**hole, he would not still be here.' He is way too cool to put up with that!''