After more than twenty years working in the fashion and entertainment business, Katherine Heigl has decided to take the reins, rather than working for someone else. The thirty-three year old actress and former child model has bought the rights to Janet Evanovich's novel One For the Money and turned it into a film. The good news for Heigl is that One for the Money is the first in a series of 18 books so if this one is a success, she could well have a lucrative franchise on her hands.
The story of One For The Money focuses on the character Stephanie Plum (played by Heigl), a lingerie-seller turned bounty hunter. Stephanie is unemployed and facing eviction. When she visits her cousin, hoping to land a job as an office assistant, she finds herself hired as a bail-enforcement agent. The film is due for release in the United States this Friday (January 27, 2012) and a month later in the UK. Jason O'Mara plays the role of Plum's childhood-sweetheart (and also the subject of one of her bail cases), Joe Morelli.
Speaking about her role producing the movie Heigl said "I loved the producer role on this, because it was important to keep the film really close to the book, because that's what I fell in love with, and that's what millions of readers have fallen in love with." Heigl also told MTV this week that she has "thought a lot" about returning to Grey's Anatomy, despite rumors that she "acted like a diva" on the set of the hit TV show.