Animal-loving actress Katherine Heigl has adopted two puppies and asked fans to help give the dogs names.
The Knocked Up star and her husband Josh Kelley have taken in two three-month-old German shepherd crosses, and she has asked her followers on to put forward ideas about possible monikers.
In a series of posts, the actress writes, "JK (Kelley) and I have decided to adopt two Shepherd mix puppies... I'd love some name suggestions! It's a boy and girl... We love ol' timey names. Thanks in advance y'all!... Wow! Love all the suggestions already! Gonna be hard to choose! Thanks guys!!...
"Ok so far JK's fav (favourite) is Mason and Dixon of course! Mine are Bonnie, Clyde, Betty, Clarence, Humphrey, Lucy... Oh and Mildred!... They are about 3 months and Shepherd mixes. Soooo cute!"