Actress Katherine Heigl has pledged $1 million (£666,000) in a bid to end Los Angeles' doggy over-population problem.
The animal lover has handed the cash over to the new Compassion Revolution initiative, which is aimed at spaying and neutering pets.
The money comes from her Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, named after her late brother.
Heigl hopes her efforts and those of the Compassion Revolution members will help cut down on the numbers of stray dogs put to death because shelters can no longer cope with them.
She says, "What's happening is not only inhumane and morally reprehensible, it's economically irresponsible. Killing is not a solution.
"Our goal is that people can actually go to an animal shelter and not feel this horrible sadness and burden that if they don't take that dog home that the dog may end up dead."