Actress Katherine Heigl is struggling to adjust to life on the road with her singer/songwriter husband Josh Kelley - because his crowded coach wasn't built with a bathroom.
The Knocked Up star is currently travelling across America with Kelley as he and his band open for country trio Lady Antebellum on tour, but Heigl admits her desire to stand by her man and live on his tour bus has its down sides.
During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Tuesday (06Dec11), she complained, "I've been on the bus. Let me just try to set this up for you. It's a tour bus. And there are these little tiny, coffin-sized bunk beds. That turns you off right away. Then there's a tiny sitting area in the front. Then there's a nicer bed in the back for me and Josh, that's over the engine.
"Then there's me, his bass player, his guitar player, his drummer, his tour manager, his tech guy... it's, like, eight guys and me. It's smelly and it's dirty and it's crowded... You can't go the bathroom on it. You have to go to truck stops. That's really a fun morning. When you pull up to the truck stop and you schlep out with your little bathroom kit and people are going, 'Is that Katherine Heigl at the truck stop?'"