Modest actress Katherine Heigl overcame her shyness over stripping on hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY, after the crew dropped their clothes on set. Heigl admits she felt really uncomfortable when she had to shoot her first underwear scene in the racy drama series and was thrilled when the crew joined her. She says, "I'm very comfortable with my body. I'm super OK with it in the dark in my own home; that's fine. But, on a set in front of not only an entire crew but then we had a whole bunch of background actors for this one particular scene I had to do... It was a very empowering scene but I felt very insecure and very scared. "I jokingly said something to the director... I said, 'Why don't you get in your underwear, if I have to get in my underwear?' And he actually did... and then so did the crew. "It was fun. It definitely relieved a lot of the tension for me. It took a lot of the eyes off me, which was nice."