KNOCKED UP star Katherine Heigl and Tom Sizemore's new movie is heading straight to DVD - via a 24-hour internet release.
Zyzzyx Rd will be shown free during its 24-hour streaming video premiere on 17 April (08) before hitting DVD internet outlets, where it will be available to buy for just $5 (GBP2.50).
The quirky release is the brainchild of producer Leo Grillo, who also appears in the psychological thriller.
He says, "At a time like this, when the economy is slowing and the price of gas and other essentials are rising, people are more conscious about how they are spending their hard earned money.
"Premiering the movie for free on the Internet gives movie fans the chance to see a terrific movie featuring two very talented, top notch stars without any financial risk on their part.
"If they like the movie, they will undoubtedly generate some great buzz for it on (community websites) MySpace, Facebook, etc. and they can purchase a DVD copy for only $5.
"I foresee this to be the start of a Hollywood revolution in the way films are made available to the audience. I believe that if you offer terrific movies without all the risk, people will support this revolution by paying a fair price to not just see but own them."
Zyzzyx Rd tells the harrowing tale of a married accountant and his chance encounter with the sexy Marissa (Heigl) - and her murderous boyfriend in Las Vegas. The movie was shot before Heigl's career too off and before Sizemore's recent prison spell.