Actress Katherine Heigl gives away the freebies she picks up at awards shows to friends and family, because she feels guilty about taking home bulging gift bags. The Knocked Up star admits she isn't comfortable with accepting handouts when she's wealthy - and could easily afford all the gifts she takes home. She says, "There comes a point of gluttony that I can't accept. When that happens, I feel like I have to clean out and give stuff to my sister, mom and friends." Heigl isn't the only celebrity sparking a backlash against the freebies handed out at awards shows - Edward Norton is campaigning to get gift baskets banned at leading awards ceremonies, and Hilary Swank recently expressed her dislike of the practice. Due to new California tax laws, celebrities who claim gift bags at awards shows must now pay tax on the jewellery, clothing items, electronics and vouchers they take home.