Katharine Mcphee may have gained her initial exposure as a contestant on the fifth season of 'American Idol' back in 2006, but it's the new drama series 'Smash,' that could potentially push her onto the next level, with a strong reception greeting the first episode of the NBC-aired show. On the screen she may be turning heads with her acting, but she was turning heads for all manner of different reasons for pictures in the March issue of GQ magazine with a series of stunning photos.
Getting down to talking, MCPhee spoke to the magazine and defended accusations that the musical-based 'Smash' was merely going to be one aimed at a female audience. Joking, she commented "I go see all the guy movies, so now I know I love them. But you have to be open to it. I would say to the girlfriends out there: Just nail him down, make him watch an episode with you." Continuing though she also rebutted the notion that the stars would be singing all the time; 'Smash' has already garnered comparisons as a grown-up version of 'Glee,' but MCPhee commented "I can understand why guys wouldn't be into Glee. You know, that's a pretty heavy musical show. That show does, like, six songs in an episode. We'll do, at most, three."
Finally the 27 year-old couldn't resist another little joke, finishing "in episode five I take off all my clothes," though hastily saying that might not strictly be true. That Katharine Mcphee, such a tease.