Katharine Mcphee, former 'American Idol' runner-up back in 2006, has been doing the promotional rounds ahead of the debut episode of 'Smash,' the mid-season show that's already being pigeonholed by some as a 'Glee' for grown-ups. 'Smash' airs for the first on February 6th on the US network NBC and is set at a large Broadway show, following the intense preparations and the ego clashes of a stage production's cast and crew with the ultimate goal of getting everyone ready and prepared in time for the opening curtain call.
Speaking at a press conference recorded by Broadwayworld, MCPhee discussed the themes of the show and claimed "I think people are intrigued about what happens behind the scenes, about what the writer goes through, what the director goes through and what the actor goes through." It's the first time the star has appeared as a week-in-week-out character in a television season, previous acting roles largely being consigned to cameos on TV shows including 'Ugly Betty' and 'CSI:NY,' as well as bit part film roles in flicks such as 'Shark 3D.' She noted that she'd had a lot to learn on the set of 'Smash,' stating "there's a beginning and an end [when doing a movie]. the thing about episodic is that it's non-stop, it just keeps going and going and going so you really have to pace yourself, that is probably the hardest thing."
The Hollywood Reporter have already seen the show and write, "Smash is a surprisingly high-quality drama and entertainment well worth your investment of time and support, and that's the only thing a viewer needs to be concerned about," suggesting that this may be a firm move towards better things for MCPhee.