Movie veteran Katharine Hepburn's legacy made Jaime Pressly reconsider plans to quit acting just before she landed the role which made her a household name. The My Name Is Earl star was on the verge of turning her back on Hollywood and concentrating on her fledgling fashion career until she reminded herself of Hepburn's life story. She says, "Before Earl I was going to call it a day, because if you're not going to give me the opportunity to show what I can do, what's the point? "And then I started thinking, "Katherine Hepburn was blacklisted in Hollywood during the war. So she went to Broadway and did The Philadelphia Story. Then she bought the film rights to it, came back to Hollywood, sold the project with herself as the lead and executive producer, and, at 21 years old, she won her first Oscar. That's pretty badass. "She was blacklisted, but she was like, 'Really?' It's just fuel for your fire, makes you want to do it even more."