Actress Kate Winslet credits motherhood with enabling her to play the mother of the boys who inspired JM BARRIE to write Peter Pan in a new movie.

The Hollywood beauty, who plays SYLVIA LLEWELYN DAVIES in the Barrie-biopic Finding Neverland, is delighted she can now accurately portray a parent on the big screen - a challenge she would have turned down before the birth of her children Mia, three, and Joe, nine months.

Winslet - who's currently promoting the film with co-star Johnny Depp at the Venice Film Festival - says, "I don't think I could have played Sylvia if I wasn't a mother. Being a mother myself was invaluable."

Barrie befriended the Llewelyn Davies family and became the boys' guardian when Sylvia died - an act of responsibility which ultimately gave him the material to write the classic kids' novel.

06/09/2004 02:16