Kate Winslet hates reading stories about how she and her ex-husband JIM THREAPLETON don't get along - because they're actually the best of friends.

The TITANIC star claims the press made too much of their split in 2001, and was mortified when gossip mongers claimed she hardly ever saw their daughter Mia.

Winslet says, "I was so upset. I remember falling to my knees and crying for hours because I can't bear for Mia to be out of my sight for more than a few hours at a time."

Threapleton is now a frequent visitor to the rented New York home his former wife shares with new husband Sam Mendes.

She adds, "He, Sam, Mia and I were all standing in our kitchen having coffee. I just stood there thinking to myself, 'If you'd have said to me two years ago that this was gonna happen, I never would've believed you.' The situation is that good."

19/03/2004 09:25