English rose Kate Winslet has slammed reports she is retiring from her acting career - insisting she will continue to balance movies and motherhood.

The TITANIC star took time out last year (03) to marry second husband SAM MENDES and give birth to their Joe in December and has no plans quit acting.

Winslet says, "I always take time off. I'm basically a mother and find time to go into work. That's the way I choose to do it.

"My kids are young. I don't want to miss anything and I'm very lucky to work, or not to work, depending on how I feel."

Winslet has enjoyed nearly a year off since she filmed ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND early last year and is about to begin production on ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES with Susan Sarandon.

She explains, "I actually haven't worked since last April. So I am a completely devoted, loving and very present mother and every now and then go off to work for a while."

22/03/2004 17:53