Kate Winslet was left with a bruised bum after filming her latest movie sex scene - in a sink. The British actress, who enjoyed movie sex with Leonardo Dicaprio in the back of a classic car in TITANIC, found herself in another awkward position as she romanced actor Patrick Wilson's character in LITTLE CHILDREN. The scene took place in a laundry room and was far from sexy. The actress reveals, "We both had little coverings on the pieces that we didn't want people to see. We spent the most time saying to each other, 'You know, I think your little plastic covering may be coming off a little. Let's get them to put some glue on there.' "We rehearsed the scene fully clothed, without anyone in the room; just us and (director) Todd (Field), and we just got a general shape of the scene so we knew what to expect. "We did look out for each other and we laughed a hell of a lot. It sounds ridiculous but at a certain point you forget that you're naked with a relative stranger. It's really weird. "My hips and backside really hurt the next day. They put some pad across the front of the seat and I was sitting on something slightly cushioned. It's all so ridiculous this crazy job we do for a living."