Hollywood actress Kate Winslet experienced love at first sight the day she set eyes on husband Sam Mendes.
The Heavenly Creatures star met Mendes in 2001, shortly after the break-up of her first marriage to Jim Threapleton, the father of her daughter Mia, eight.
And Winslet admits she was instantly blown away when she first met the acclaimed filmmaker at a lunch meeting - and was immediately convinced they were destined to be together.
She tells U.K. magazine Elle, "It was the last thing I expected, but it really was love at first night. I woke up in the middle of the night after we'd met and I had this feeling in my stomach. I just knew what it was. I didn't want to stop being with him.
"I know categorically I'm married to the right man. I feel understood by him, completely known. And I get the enormity of what I'm saying, which is why I'm so grateful."