Kate Winslet's ex-husband JIM THREAPLETON has joined the controversial British pressure group, FATHERS4Justice.

The campaign champions the rights of divorced and separated fathers to have more access to their children, and members have carried out high profile stunts like climbing a Buckingham Palace balcony dressed as Batman to draw attention to the cause.

The work commitments of Winslet and her film director husband Sam Mendes mean they spend most of their time in America so Threapleton rarely sees his daughter Mia.

Under stipulations of his divorce settlement, Threapleton isn't allowed to talk about custody of his daughter, but he does empathise with FATHERS4JUSTICE's ethics.

He says, "The whole issue is very close to my heart and very important. I can't talk about my own situation over access to my daughter, but I feel very strongly about the cause.

"I empathise with the fathers although I do not agree with the militant side of what they do. It is an issue which needs talking about - not just on a personal basis - but it is a big issue."

07/11/2004 10:37