TITANIC star Kate Winslet has ruled out the possibility of ever getting Botox shots - because she fears the cosmetic treatment will ruin her acting abilities.

The British screen beauty is horrified by the high number of women in Hollywood who insist undergoing the procedure, and she's vowed to stay away from it.

She tells HARPER'S BAZAAR, "I would never do it. I'm really enjoying getting older... As an actress, I want to be able to really show the expressions on my face, and if I paralyse one part of it, then I can't do my job properly."

Winslet claims her director husband Sam Mendes feels the same, because it's also affecting his work.

She adds, "He finds it so distressing. He was recently thinking about a cast for a play he might do, and he was going down this list of older actresses, saying, 'No, not her; can't see her face anymore... No, not her; she looks like she's got her face pinned behind her head. It's getting harder for directors to cast women to play 60-year-olds, because they all look 40!

"But there's something so wonderful about actresses who are growing old gracefully, like Susan Sarandon, who looks amazing. I just worked with her recently (on ROMANCE + CIGARETTES), and she looks fresh and vibrant, and it's all there and it's all real."

29/09/2004 09:25