Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendes avoid flying on the same airplane - because they are terrified it will crash and leave their young children orphaned. The couple, who are raising their son Joe and Winslet's daughter Mia from her first marriage, were left traumatised after Mendes was originally due to fly on a plane that was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, according to British newspaper the Daily Mail.
All 64 passengers and 125 people in the U.S. government building in Washington D.C. were killed - but Mendes had changed his plans and hadn't boarded the aircraft.
And the lucky escape was the moment his relationship with the Titanic star "went from being friends to something deeper".
Winslet and daughter Mia - her child with first husband Jim Threapleton - suffered their own air scare just a month later (Oct01) when a man announced he was a terrorist in the middle of their flight from London to Dallas, Texas.
The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in Toronto, Canada after passenger Youri Kanounnikoff claimed he was an Islamic terrorist and began to scream: "We are all going to die."
Kanounnikoff was later charged with creating mischief, endangering life and uttering threats.
And as a result of the terrifying incidents, Winslet and Mendes refuse to take any chances - journeying separately to ensure a plane crash won't leave their children without parents.
A spokesperson for the couple says, "Where possible, Kate and Sam do prefer to travel in separate planes. It is not always possible but, for obvious reasons regarding the children, they do travel separately when they can."