TITANIC star Kate Winslet was highly nervous about making an appearance on ELLEN DeGENERES' chat show yesterday morning (15MAR04) because she's spent a number of months away from the spotlight.

The British actress appeared on ELLEN to talk about her upcoming movie ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF A SPOTLESS MIND, and quickly admitted her nerves were getting the better of her after spending much of her time at home caring for her 11-week-old son Joe.

She told Ellen, "I actually feel quite nervous, to be honest. I'm a mother, I don't do this!

"I spend my life checking myself for vomit before I walk out the door in the morning so it's a little bit weird for me to be suddenly doing a TV interview. That hasn't been my life for the last 10 weeks."

But Winslet quickly reaped the benefits of her appearance on the show when generous DeGeneres gave the actress a basketful of Finding Nemo goodies for her three-year-old daughter Mia, a huge fan of the hit cartoon.

16/03/2004 02:35