Pregnant newly-wed Kate Winslet and her toddler daughter were stranded in the baking London heat yesterday (7AUG03) after the TITANIC actress's car was clamped by officious traffic wardens.

Kate and two-year-old Mia, from her first marriage to JIM THREAPLETON, had left the car by a parking meter while doing some shopping in Islington, north London - but a warden swooped in just minutes after Kate's cash expired.

When the actress, who wed American Beauty director Sam Mendes in May (03), and Mia returned they were unamused by the wheel clamp.

Stranded without a mobile phone, on one of the hottest days in Britain for 13 years, the tired-looking QUILLS star entered a public phone booth - only to find it was out of order, before a kindly passer-by lent her a phone to call for help.

The eyewitness comments, "She didn't lose her rag, but she seemed really fed up. She looked like an ordinary, harassed mum instead of a glamorous OSCAR-winner."

08/08/2003 14:05