Actress Kate Winslet has allayed speculation she's destined for life in America with her director husband Sam Mendes, insisting she'd never leave her native England.

Unlike many British actors who take up residency stateside in an effort to further their Hollywood careers, Winslet will only ever spend extended time in the US when she's working.

The TITANIC beauty is so fiercely patriotic, she considers moving with Mendes and her young children Mia and Joe to America the ultimate betrayal to her homeland.

She says, "There is no way we are going to move out of England. Some might think that we want to live in Hollywood but that is not what we want at all.

"We will go and live in New York when it is necessary because of work but we prefer to be in England.

"I'm proud to be English - we both are. It's very important for me to retain that. I am an English girl and I love England."

19/10/2004 09:23