Sex scenes with Kate Winslet are "easy" according to Guy Pearce.

The 'King's Speech' actor appears alongside Kate in new TV miniseries 'Mildred Pierce', in which he plays her titular character's lover Monty Beragon, and insists he had no problems filming intimate encounters with the screen beauty.

He joked: "Doing the (sex) scenes was easy - going home to my wife afterwards was tricky."

Guy insists his wife of 14 years, psychologist Kate Mestitz, was quite accepting of the erotic sequences, but only as they were with Kate.

He added: "She said if it had to be anyone, she's glad it was with Kate."

The scenes were also easy for Kate - as she has admitted to having a crush on the character Mike, whom Guy played in soap 'Neighbours' in the early part of his career.

She told Radio Times magazine: "I had two heartthrobs in my whole teenage years; one was Patrick Swayze, and the other was Guy Pearce.

"I'd actually fake illness to stay off school and watch the 13.25 edition of 'Neighbours'.

"Throughout 'Mildred Pierce', whenever we had an intimate scene or an intimate scene, before they said, 'cut!' I'd turn to the camera and break into the theme tune and, bless Guy, he was very good about it and he just sort of giggled. But I was pathetic, unashamedly pathetic, about the whole thing."