Kate Winslet says she's no diva on set.

The 'Titanic' actress is critical of the way some young actors behave behind the scenes on films, and has revealed she tries to set a good Example by shunning all extravagant demands and insists that everyone be treated equal on set.

Kate told the Sun newspaper: ''I had great examples set to me at a very young age and to this day I am still grateful for that because whenever I am working with a younger actor who I think might be slightly out of line, or getting a little bit too pleased with themselves, I know I really have to set my good example and really set it well.

''I really have to make sure they know that that kind of s**t is not going to go down.

''I might be playing the lead but no one's trailer is going to be bigger than anyone else's, no on is going to have all these stars flopping around, no one is going to have a great big entourage.''

Kate - who is dating Richard Branson's nephew, businessman Ned Rocknroll - credits her parents and her mentor, actress Emma Thompson, for keeping her grounded during The Early Years of her career.

The Oscar winner also claims she has no patience for big-headed actors who demand special treatment, and insists her own entourage is as small as possible.

Kate - who is currently shooting new movie 'Labour Day' - added: ''As for the perks package that a lot of famous people do tend to have, I will either completely avoid it, or do something like roll that person's job into one.

''Sometimes I watch the credits at the end of movies and I count people's assistants and I just think, 'You f***ing ****er.' ''