Kate Winslet's mother was ''so proud'' that she worked with Woody Allen.

Although Kate has received criticism for filming with Woody - who has been accused of sexually assaulting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow when she was seven years old - she revealed that her late mother was thrilled she was making a movie with the veteran director.

Speaking about 'Wonder Wheel', she told Variety: ''I'll try to say this without crying. Oh, I can't. My mother passed away this year. She was very ill at the time we were shooting this film. And she was so proud I was working with Woody Allen. I would call her every day on the way to work. She loved the fact that Justin [Timberlake] was so lovely. She thought that was so adorable.''

Kate, 42, also admitted that she was relieved her co-star Justin was so nice.

She said: ''Yeah, we had a lot of fun. I would say to him, 'It's such a relief that you're not what any of us thought you were going to be. Because that would have been such a nightmare.' We shared a trailer. We had a thin partition wall between us. I would hear him peeing in the morning and singing to himself, and I loved it.''

Meanwhile, Kate revealed she keeps her Best Actress Academy Award, which she won for 'The Reader' in 2009, in her bathroom.

She said: ''I keep it on the back of the toilet. I got the idea from Emma Thompson. Actually, talking of Emma, I'm so grateful I worked with her [on 1995's 'Sense and Sensibility'] when I was so young. I was shown the best example of just how to be.''