Kate Winslet has reportedly reunited with Louis Dowler.

The British actress has sparked speculation she and the Burberry model have reconciled their relationship after they were spotted together in Woodstock, New York over the weekend, seven months after they first ended their brief romance.

A source told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "They look like they've patched things up."

Meanwhile, Kate, 35, has admitted she had a huge crush on her 'Mildred Pierce' co-star Guy Pearce when she was younger and even used to feign illness so she could watch him in Australian TV soap opera 'Neighbours'.

She told Sky magazine: "Guy Pearce was my teen heart-throb as Mike in 'Neighbours'. I'd fake illness to stay off school to watch him."

While Kate - who has children Mia, 10, with first husband Jim Threapleton, and seven-year-old Joe with former spouse Sam Mendes - was thrilled to get up close and personal with Guy in their new TV series, the Australian star admitted he finds sex scenes awkward.

He said: "It's great fun getting to roll around naked with lovely women but it's quite embarrassing.

"It's all very technical but there's this part of your mind going, 'This is really erotic and strange'."