Kate Winslet is happier with her looks at the age of 36 than she was at 21, she has told The Independent. Kate is currently back on cinema screens, with the release of Titanic 3D, 15 years after the original was released, to global acclaim. "I prefer myself as a 36 year old, she told reporters. "It's really weird because when you're 21, you think, 'Oh God, when I'm 36, that's nearly 40, and I'll be really old and wrinkly by then." The actress then added "Actually, I quite like the way I look. I feel OK about myself these days."
Yesterday, on Daybreak, Winslet chatted to one of the show's hosts, Kate Garraway and joked that whilst she has got thinner since the movie was originally released, her co-star Leonardo Dicaprio has got fatter. Kate seems to be enjoying the attention that the newly-released version is attracting. This may be partly because she missed out on the Los Angeles premiere of Titanic when it was first released, as her boyfriend Stephen Tredre had died of cancer. For the latest round of red carpet premieres, Kate has had her current partner Ned Rocknroll for company. Ned is the nephew of Sir Richard Branson and is an executive of Virgin Galactic.
The director of Titanic, James Cameron said of the 3D reworking of the film: "The big thrill of it isn't just the 3D. it's bringing it back to the big screen, where it has a lot more emotional impact."