Kate Winslet does her own hair and make-up for red carpet events.

The 42-year-old actress has admitted she ''loves'' applying beauty products herself as she believes she can perfect her look ''fairly quickly'' and can avoid the ''fuss and faff'' of having a stylist ''prod'' and fiddle with her face.

The 'The Reader' star said: ''Actually, I love doing my own hair and make-up. Partly because I can do it fairly quickly on my own, but also there are some days when I just don't like all the fuss and faff that can come with lots of people prodding and fiddling with your face and hair. It's hard to explain.

''But I'm a pretty low-key, low-maintenance person, and I like to keep life as normal as I can around me. So doing my own make-up is reassuring in that regard. It sort of normalises a red-carpet moment, which - let's face it - is far from normal.''

But Kate - who has 17-year-old daughter Mia, Joe, 13, and four-year-old Bear - has admitted she also enjoys getting ''glammed up'' by another person.

She added: ''Sometimes it's lovely to be glammed up like that.

Although the 'Titanic' star likes to apply her own beauty products, she has admitted she will ''stay away'' from certain cosmetic items including eyeshadow because she doesn't feel she is ''creative'' enough to experiment with the merchandise.

She explained: ''So I stick to a light base - Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation in 01 and a bit of Camouflage concealer from the same range. But nothing too heavy, especially round the eyes where make-up can gather and make a person look older.

''I am not very good at eyeshadow so I tend to stay away from being too creative in that area, and I just hit the lashes with a great mascara and an inside root line on the upper lashes, with mascara on a flat brush. Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara in Noir really helps to define the eye.

''I'm a huge fan of eyeliner for a final hit of smudge on the lower lash root only.

''And for lips I would need something that will stay put but be creamy at the same time.''

But Kate insists ''decent make-up brushes'' make the world of difference when applying make-up, and she has even used paintbrushes before.

She told Vogue.co.uk: ''And having decent make-up brushes makes a big difference, I even use paint brushes sometimes! I try to stay away from looking too matt, so not too much powder.''