Kate Winslet did her own 'Divergent' stunts while pregnant.

The actress - who gave birth to a son, Bear Blaze, three months ago - was so hands-on during filming for the highly-anticipated big screen adaptation of Veronica Roth's bestselling teen triology that she refused to have a stunt double on set until director Neil Burger put his foot down.

Speaking at the US premiere of 'Divergent', Veronica told People magazine: ''It's pretty funny because she was pregnant when we were shooting, but she wanted to do her own stunt falls.

''She did a couple. She's you know, very careful about it, and then finally Neil Burger was like, 'Okay I'm too nervous - you can't do this anymore.' She was like, you know, taking-charge lady - she powers through. It's really impressive.''

Kate - who also has children Mia, 13, and Joe, 10, from previous relationships - was so ''committed'' to her role as cold and calculating leader of the Erudite faction, Jeanine Matthews, that she insisted on making her performance as realistic as possible.

Neil added: ''We had to refit all of her wardrobe, but then there is a scene where she fights Shailene [Woodley] and she was like, you know, taking the falls and I'm like, 'Stop, you're pregnant.' But she was still wanting to do it with as much action.

''She's a committed actress and she's a committed mother, too. But she is just completely there, and you kind of just have to stop her.''