Designers at car manufacturer Jaguar have modelled a sleek new motor on actress Kate Winslet's curves. The TITANIC star caught her first glimpse of the new car when she appeared on motor fanatic Jay Leno's US chat show THE TONIGHT SHOW on Friday night (17NOV06). She says, "Apparently, the man who designed this car decided that I, for whatever reason, was his ideal woman so he, I guess, was inspired by the shape of my body." Winslet was moderately impressed with her first look at the new car, but insisted she would have made some changes if she had been involved. She adds, "The headlights aren't big enough... They'll have to go... (They) never called me up and said, 'Would you mind if I did this...?' It's kind of flattering... but I would have liked to have been involved." The actress reveals she would have turned the car into her own little mini-bar and given the exterior a fancy upgrade. Winslet explains, "A bar under the dashboard... with, like, pink and blue kinda neon lights and umbrellas and pineapples... and wings maybe - kind of a little bit Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and inflatables." And now she's waiting for her freebie: "I absolutely think... that I should get a free car."